Meticulous has its beginnings in residential landscape design and construction. Started in 1998, under the diligent and careful guidance of our owner and director, Zavean Carpenter, we focused our attention on creating unique and lush outdoor spaces for homeowners across central Ohio.

Our success in the residential market led us to broaden the scope of our work, and we began to secure larger landscape projects with cities, universities, and commercial construction companies around the Buckeye State.

This provided us exposure to the focus on durability and longevity found in the commercial market.

In addition to all this, landscaping, being seasonal in nature, allowed us to partner with and learn from experienced home builders and remodelers during the winter months.

This arrangement afforded us exposure to all facets of the construction process.

After more than a decade of commercial landscape projects and work with residential builders and remodelers, we were ready to take our services to the next level.

We combined our experience and training in residential remodeling and construction with the strict commercial standards we had learned through our landscaping projects, to become a full-service provider for residential and commercial needs…from the inside, out.


We believe everyone should have a job performed with excellence, integrity, shared expectations, and open lines of communication.

We believe that open and honest communication is the key to accomplishing your dreams.

We believe in long-term working relationships with our clients and contractors.
We believe that relationships built upon integrity, honesty, professionalism, excellence, and gained trust, are made to go the distance…just like our projects.

We believe in excellence over profit.

We believe that our clients should rightfully expect a comprehensive return on the investment they make in their property.

We believe that with a spirit of excellence in all that we do, profit will naturally follow…for everyone.


We will strive to offer our clients the best price, for the best quality; to produce the best results…